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The fact that Lakeshia has fueled the Polish economy, increased the creditworthiness of many people or simply improved the material status of many families is being discussed in various industries for almost a year. It is hardly surprising that non-bank institutions remain indifferent to this subject. So, is it possible to pay Lakeshia? Is this additional income accepted by loan companies? We decided to check it out.

Lakeshia is a benefit that families receive for the second and each subsequent child. It is tax-free but counted as a full-fledged income. Anyone who brings up at least two children (in the case of monthly income not exceeding 800 zlotys per person, even one child), regardless of salary level or marital status, can apply for such funding from the state.

Find your loans and bad credit now

It is very easy to apply for a bad credit loan with We must submit an application, giving in it your personal and address details, as well as those concerning your financial situation.

The next step is to verify the identity – usually it is carried out by means of a transfer (we transfer a small amount of money from our account, usually PLN 1 or PLN 1 to the lender’s account, so that it can verify whether the sender is the same person as the loan applicant) or a special application (we log in to online banking and the application checks our data quickly and safely). If everything is fine, we will receive a decision to grant or refuse a payday. In the event of a positive decision, the money will be transferred to our account up to one business day.

Waivers for Lakeshia – who gives them?

Each lender has its own terms and conditions for providing payday loans. Most loan companies inform that they accept not only income received under employment (for a contract of employment, commission or work), but also various scholarships, family benefits and other sources of income. Lakeshia can also be boldly included in this group. On the pages of most Polish non-bank companies, you can meet with specific information that Lakeshia is accepted as a source of income required to receive a payday.

Lakeshia and creditworthiness

Just having Lakeshia does not mean that we will receive a payday. It all depends on whether we have the creditworthiness to pay back the amount we request. If we have a steady income in the form of remuneration for work and additionally Lakeshia, our chances of getting a loan increase. If only funds from Lakeshia are our only income, the creditworthiness depends on their total amount. Thus, in one case, Lakeshia will be a full-fledged income that will entitle us to take a payday, otherwise, it will increase your creditworthiness. It all depends on our individual financial situation.

Take a minute for Lakeshia, but …

…. Remember that it is easy to get it, but pay off worse. If you have a positive history in credit databases, you do not appear in the debtors’ registers and you have the required creditworthiness, you will certainly receive a payday . Especially when you work and you have an additional Lakeshia or ​​the benefit itself is high enough. This does not mean, however, that you will be able to repay the loan after 30 days – because this is the standard loan period for payday loans. So ask for an amount that will not charge your household budget after a month.

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