GoDaddy: Less cleavage, more math, please

I use GoDaddy as the registrar for several of my domains. Apparently their computers need a remedial math lesson, because they’ve decided that 17.90 x 1 = 18.40. This is the invoice I just got:


Dear Steven Grimm,

Per our agreement(s), we have automatically renewed the following items:

Product Name                                        Unit Price Qty Total Price
------------                                        ---------- --- -----------
.COM Domain Name Renewal - 2 Years                  $    17.90   1  $    18.40
                                                         Subtotal:  $    18.40
                                                              Tax:  $      .00
                                                         Shipping:  $      .00
                                                            TOTAL:  $    18.40


We have billed your Visa card ending with the last two digits: XX for the amount of $    18.40.

I don’t remember being taught “X times 1 = X + .5″ in my elementary school math class. Must have been daydreaming that morning.

I wonder if Google will decide to put a GoDaddy ad on this page because I mention their name…

Update: Turns out that this is an ICANN fee, $.25 a year. So at least there’s an explanation, though I still think it’s pretty strange to not list a required fee on an invoice.

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