Fast personal loans, the new financial alternative for the self-employed

Fast personal loans, the new financial alternative for the self-employed

The emergence of new online lenders meant a considerable increase in financing options for self-employed workers, a labor sector historically mistreated by traditional financial institutions. Now, with the appearance of new quick personal loans that can be returned in several installments, the offer has grown even more, so self-employed workers can choose among several products according to their needs.

How are the new quick personal credits?

Since the beginning of the summer, several private equity companies have started to market loans that have little to do with the mini-loans, their most requested products to date. The new fast personal credits have a higher amount , between € 1,000 and € 5,000, and can be returned in several years by paying monthly installments . Thus, companies try to adapt to the needs of new applicants, who want to get more money and return it in a more comfortable way.

Therefore, if we work on our own, now we can also get these quick personal credits.

These three products can be obtained in a matter of minutes and without the need to change banks. In addition, they do not include study or opening fees and, when granted by private companies, do not include linked products of any kind.

Other quick personal loans that can be requested by the self-employed

In addition, if we need an urgent personal loan of a lower amount, we can still use the mini-credits, since the companies that grant them will approve our request if our business provides us with enough income to return the money borrowed within the term.

However, before hiring these products it is very important to keep in mind that they are designed to cover specific expenses , so we should not request them frequently. If we do not use them responsibly, we run a serious risk of ending up in debt.

What if I need a conventional credit and not an urgent personal loan?

On the other hand, if what we are looking for is not fast personal loans but conventional loans to finance a particular project, within the market we will also find several entities willing to lend us money despite working for their own account.

In the event that we ask for a loan with a high amount to finance a particular project (buying a car, renovating the house, etc.), it is likely that we will have to deliver various documents to show that we have enough regular income to pay the fees. . In general, we must provide the latest VAT and Income Tax return, in addition to the last payment of the IAE and the last payment to Social Security.

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